Við notum kökur - Þær hjálpa okkur að veita þér meiri upplifun af leiknum.
Með því að nota vefsíðuna okkar samþykkir þú að við megum vista og nota kökur á tölvubúnaðinn þinn.

Saga Hattrick

1. tímabil (30. ágúst 1997)

Hattrick kemur í heiminn 30. ágúst 1997. Leikurinn er aðeins á sænsku og byrjar með 16 lið. Tvær prufudeildir (A og B) eru spilaðar í 7 umferðum. 4-4-2 er eina uppstillingin í boði og þjálfunarmöguleikar eru almennt, úthald og föst leikatriði.

Vefurinn lokar á hverju kvöldi klukkan 00:30 til að framkvæma allar uppfærslur, ljúka við félagaskipti og spila leiki. Þegar vefurinn opnaði aftur um morguninn, þá gastu séð úrslitin í leiknum þínum.

The original nostalgic logo.
The original nostalgic logo.

Season 2 (Nov 23 1997)

Hattrick expands to 680 teams in four divisions (Allsvenskan, div I, II and III) and moves to the Swedish portal The open transfer market system sees the light of day (earlier on you could bid on any player and if the owner accepted the bid the player was yours).

The first match between national teams is also played: Sweden-Denmark 1-2. Denmark was a clone of Sweden, but it would take many seasons before Sweden would have the chance to get their revenge.

Season 3 (April 5 1998)

Hattrick expands to 1704 teams when div IV is added. The cup is introduced this season as well as friendly matches. Zakrock Rooch becomes the first cup champion.

Season 4 (July 26 1998)

This season is the training reform season. A bunch of new training types is added making it possible to train all skills and not only stamina and set pieces. As a side-effect to this new training Per Emilsson, breaks the player rating roof and becomes the first and only player to get the "Saint" rating (which was added if the impossible, against all odds, really would happen).

Because of this, the rating system is changed and exclamation marks are added after the maximum rating "*****". The complete rating system looks like this after this change: 0, H, HH, HHH, *, **, ***, ****, *****, *****!, *****!!, etc.

Season 5 (Nov 15 1998)

If something extraordinary really happened this season it didn't make it into the history books.

Season 6 (March 14 1999)

Nothing in particular happened this season according to the history books.

Season 7 (July 3 1999)

For the first time you are now able to choose another tactic than 4-4-2 as it becomes possible to reposition your players.  At the same time individual orders for players are also introduced, which makes the old tactic choices all-out attack, optimistic, careful and ultra defensive obsolete.

Season 8 (Oct 24 1999)

In the end of the season, in the beginning of 2000, the company Extralives is founded to further develop Hattrick. On the pitch Sunne IK became legends when they were the first team to ever win "the double".

Season 9 (Feb 13 2000)

The community moves on their own initiative from Passagen to Delphi forums and grows even stronger. Later on the first community site with automatic generated statistics, HTSCB - Hattrick Central Bureau of Statistics, is launched.

Season 10 (June 4 2000)

This season will forever be remembered as the last season with the nostalgic look.

Season 11 (Oct 15 2000)

After a month of downtime Hattrick is back with a completely new design and a bunch of new features. Hattrick is no longer available only in Sweden - you can also play it in English and seven new leagues are opened up: Argentina, Deutschland, France, England, Italia, España (which later became México) and USA. The Swedish league is also expanded to 10920 teams, which rapidly fills up.

An alternative logo from Oct 2000 which was never used.
Apart from the new leagues the biggest news is that Hattrick is always online and everything happens live – even the matches! The rating system is also brand new, half and whole stars, and three new denominations (world class, supernatural and divine) are added making it 15 altogether.

At the end of the season youth keeper Bob Sunesson, enters Hattrick at the age of 22, and he would later become the most famous player in the game despite his best skill being poor winger.

Season 12 (Feb 4 2001)

From this season on you stay in the same series if you don't promote or relegate, which wasn't the case earlier on when teams playing in the same division were randomly drawn into series every season.

Þessi fallegi, græni [LINK]Hattrick bolur[/LINK] er kominn út. Það fyrsta sem þú ættir að kaupa þér.  4 new leagues make their entry in the Hattrick world: Norge, Danmark, Suomi and Nederland.

Season 13 (May 27 2001)

Hattrick Supporter is released, a premium service which later turns out to be what made Hattrick survive and continued being developed.

For 15 SEK (around 1,5€) a month you get a buddy list, some personal statistics and live info in the ticker. Maybe more importantly Supporter was also a good way to support the game. Two months later Supporter is expanded with match kits, prize shelf, press announcements, logos, federations and more statistics.

No less than 23 new leagues are introduced: Oceania, España, Portugal, Polska, România, Chile, Brasil, Türkiye, Colombia, Perú, China, Uruguay, Venezuela, Canada, Rossiya, Prathet Thai, Scotland, Ireland, Nippon, Hanguk, Misr, India and South Africa.

Bob Sunesson's outstanding performances for Hattrick are recognised by the HFA (Hattrick Football Association) , and they claim him to be a "beloved team member" - one of the first easter eggs in the game.

Season 14 (Sep 16 2001)

At last Hattrick gets its own forum system, a tree based one, and the community gets a more natural place to meet and discuss. Spanish and French language versions are launched and six new leagues join in: Singapore, Schweiz, Ísland, België, Österreich and Malaysia.

The transfer page gets an update, including more search possibilities making it possible to search on skills. Another change is that team spirit changes happen daily in small doses instead of a big update once a week.

The first mobile services, for Sweden only, are introduced and Supporter is expanded with shirt numbers, guest book and federation forums. CHPP (Certified Hattrick Product Provider), a partnership program with independent developers of Hattrick software, is also released. You could buy CHPP programs in the shop.

Season 15 (Jan 6 2002)

One can almost say it all happened during season 15. It started out with a major release of new features such as special events, international friendlies, derby matches and national teams – a very important feature for the community building.

It ended with Sverige winning the first World Cup (to no-one's surprise) and the handing out of a major economical crisis package containing lower player salaries, lower agent fees, promotion bonus, interest roof and mother- and last club money.

All teams had also received money for TV rights in the middle of the season, this whole package to deal with the fact that the economy didn't develop at the same pace as the game.

Right in the middle of all this the HT team grows from 3 to 9 members as more members are needed to help out with developing, administration etc. The six new members help out on voluntary basis, but some years later almost all of them are employed by Extralives. The fact that we get our German language version almost gets by unnoticed.

Season 16 (April 28 2002)

Magyarország, Česká republika, Latvija, Indonesia, Philippines, Eesti, Hellas, Hrvatska and Yugoslavia, which later became Srbija i Crna Gora and finally Srbija, joins the Hattrick family. The mobile services are now available for all users, and player faces and bookmarks are new Supporter features. Those managers who wondered what Bob Sunesson looked like had to keep wondering as his face was covered by different objects.

World Cup had a separate page and logo during the first editions.

The HFA decides to pay 1/3 of national players' salaries as long as they play matches for both country and ordinary team. Sweden wins the first U-20 WC, again to no surprise and the first player to reach 10* is Thomas Ranlind, a Swedish goal keeper who one season later gets sacked from the game by his Swedish owner.

Season 17 (Aug 18 2002)

Season 17 is proclaimed to be The Anniversary Season as Hattrick turns 5 years. At this time over 60.000 users play Hattrick.  We get five new denominations (titanic, extra-terrestrial, mythical, magical, utopian) to add to the previous 15, two new leagues (Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei) and the Dutch language version.

The tree based forum system is abandoned and replaced with a new forum system, together with the sneak-peek feature. Team spirit starts being affected by transfers and Supporters get more statistics, notebook and federation newsletters. The Mod prefix also sees the light of day, to easier recognize our forum moderators.

Season 18 (Dec 8 2002)

Three new language versions (Estonian, Italian and Danish) are released and four new leagues (Bulgaria, Cymru, Israel and Slovenija) are added. It is made easier to improve the formation experience and it takes longer to lose experience.

The compensation for national players is changed. You don't receive any training for national team matches, but the HFA still pays 1/3 of the paycheck if the player plays a match for his country.

The Supporter package is extended with reminders and banners don't reload for Supporters – a very appreciated feature. The LA prefix for our language administrators is introduced.

Season 19 (March 30 2003)

The number of active users passes the magic figure 100 000. Fréttablöð samfélagsins fá sitt eigið pláss til að kynna ritgreinar á AHP (Associated Hattrick Press) og stuðningsmenn liðanna verða aðeins skarpari þar sem þeir taka eftir í hvaða deild liðin spila, til dæmis.

The Finnish language version is also released during the season.

Season 20 (July 20 2003)

Match tactics are introduced, but can only be used in friendlies this season, and players' experience starts to affect their performance. The old trainer change system where you paid 10 000 US$ and got a new random trainer is replaced. Now you can turn your own player into your trainer or pay for new one with the skills of your choice.

Six leagues (Lietuva, Slovensko, Ukraina, Bosna i Hercegovina, Vietnam and Pakistan) and three languages (Polish, Portuguese and Catalan) are added. Supporter is expanded with more match kits alternatives, more statistics and some forum features, and the CHPP partnership program changes shape to allow more partnership programs, however not longer possible to buy in our shop.

România becomes the first country to beat a Swedish national team in a competition match (U-20 WC) and România also wins the U-20 World Cup this season.

Season 21 (Nov 9 2003)

Hattrick reaches 250.000 active users! Six leagues (Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nigeria, Al Maghrib, Føroyar) as well as six language versions (Flemish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Lithuanian) are added and HT Live is the big new feature.

Income from spectators is increased by 25% and we get a new format for World Cup. The first Hattrick Calendar is for sale in the shop and it is also possible to bet on Hattrick matches through a betting partner. Sverige's dominance on the pitch gets forever questioned when Norge wins the World Cup.

Season 22 (Feb 29 2004)

Saudi Arabia, Tounes, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Lëtzebuerg, Iran, Republica Dominicana and Cyprus are new members in the family, and Hungarian, Latvian, Argentinian (later South American) Spanish and Bulgarian are new language versions.

Season 23 (June 20 2004)

Hattrick reaches 400.000 active users and as many as 25.000 are online at the same time. To reduce the importance of the phenomenon 'daytrading' fees and incomes of transfers are changed making it less attractive to buy and sell player over night. The transfer compare and Total Skill Index (TSI) for all players (replacing the so called "market value") are other measures to increase the common knowledge for how much a player is worth on the transfer.

Players salaries are changed making secondary skills much cheaper salary wise, teams' supporters are made even smarter, all teams can get counter attacks and the amount of random is decreased in the attack/defense ratio. Team ratings get lowered by half and are now also reported as very low, low, high and very high within all levels.

New leagues are Northern Ireland, Belarus, Makedonija, Kenya, Panamá and Jamaica, and Croatian, Hebrew, Russian and Ukrainian are added. Hattrick Clubhouse is a new premium service and Supporter gets an update with a lot of forum features among others.

Season 24 (Oct 10 2004)

The number of active users reaches 500.000 and is celebrated with a comic picture of the Hattrick world, which causes a small uproar in Brasil as a monkey (replaced a few days later) is placed on that part of the world.

The big news is the new cup format where 32768 teams can participate compared to earlier 8192 teams. Ticket prices and sponsor income are increased by 10% and the series place prizes are doubled.  Czech language is introduced as well as six new leagues: El Salvador, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Moldova and Shqipëria.

The non-monkey version of the comic.

Season 25 (Jan 30 2005)

For the first time in Hattrick history Sverige is not the biggest country as both España and Nederland now have more active users with teams. It's now possible to use two new training types; Through Passes and Defensive Positions. Shooting is also made 25% more effective. Changes in the spectator formula create less fluctuation in spectator figures as supporter mood is made less important.

The "Latest news" for each series is back after 14 seasons, it disappeared when Hattrick got a new style to season 11. Al Urdun, Andorra, Sakartvelo and Guatemala join the family and Galician becomes language number 30. FC Hong Kong make sure another milestone gets passed as they as the first team got more than 100 million € in cash funds.

Season 26 (May 22 2005)

The amount of active users is now more than 600 000. Suriname, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago and Kazakhstan become Hattrick members and Serbian, Norwegian and Slovak languages are added. Supporter gets an update with statistics for bookmarks and regional forums.

Season 27 (Sep 11 2005)

In just a season 100 000 new users join Hattrick and there are now more than 700 000 active users. The manager licence, to make the game easier to grasp in the beginning, is introduced. A new tactic, Play Creatively, is launched as well as the opportunity to order your forwards "Towards Wing" together with the new training type "Wing Attacks". At the same time forwards start to contribute less, and wingers more, to the wing attacks.

League ranking is introduced and the arena viewer where you can design your own arena is a new Supporter feature. The mobile services are made interactive, which allows you to place bids on the transfer through your mobile phone for example.

Algérie, Hayastan, Lubnan, Liechtenstein, Mongol Uls and Sénégal are the new leagues this season, and new languages are Korean, Japanese and Slovenian. Last but not least Hattrick also get its own wiki.

Season 28 (Jan 1 2006)

Between season 27 and 28 all ownerless teams that used to stay untouched and give walkovers until they reached the second lowest division where they were then replaced, become bot teams. The next step in this "Series Reform" is made at the end of the season when the series system gets the shape of a pyramid (the lower division the more series) instead of a bottle. All bot teams are moved to the bottom of the pyramid.

The result is that bot teams make it to the bottom faster and are ready for replacement instead of being stuck in the middle for many seasons.

Hattrick Masters is played for the first time, with a French winner: FC Barentin. Cartoon United, a Hattrick comic, makes its first appearance on the site and Hattrick also starts sponsoring some real life Hattrick football teams. We also get four new members: Bahrain, Barbados, Cabo Verde and Côte d’Ivoire.

Season 29 (April 23 2006)

More than 800 000 active users play Hattrick. We get a new layout and a handy order page made in Flash. You start paying players' salary for the first week (immediately after signing them) and the match reports get more event variations.

Supporter gets a massive upgrade with Hall of Fame, Kit Designer, bigger Buddy list and Trainer Report to name a few. Supporters also start getting compensated for unplanned downtime. Azərbaycan and Al Iraq make their entry into the Hattrick world. A global census about the game is made and 200 000 answers are received – fantastic!

Season 30 (Aug 13 2006)

The 900 000 users boundary is passed. Stamina also starts to drop over the season and players start losing skill with age in smaller amounts, but more frequently.  It is now possible to get confidence over wonderful and players can get non-existent skills. National teams get a bunch of graphical features and Hattrick Masters becomes a four-week competition.

A third Spanish language version (Central American) and Kyrgyz are launched and four new leagues make their entry: Al Kuwayt, Angola, Bangladesh and Crna Gora.

Season 31 (Dec 3 2006)

An alternative career option, achievements, makes its debut. The sponsor income increases and the agent fees are lowered as well as the interest rate.

The supporter package is extended with more match statistics. Oman and Al Yaman are new leagues and with the addition of Belarusian and Basque there are now 40 language versions.

Season 32 (March 25 2007)

The biggest new feature ever is released: The youth academy - a game in the game where you manage your own youth team and train your future star players. A month after the release there are over 500 000 youth teams in Hattrick. Hattrick gets a more modern look and users now get the opportunity to appeal GM decision to the Senior GMs, the leaders of the GM organization.

Supporters get an extended training report archive for their youth teams, trainer comments are also visible on the player page.  At the end of the season players get individual birthdays, before that all players had the same birthday at the start of the season.

Season 33 (July 15 2007)

Hattrick celebrates its 10th anniversary with the introduction of the calendar tool, an invite feature and a new live viewer with integrated chat. Later we also get the logo rating and the Supporters get more bookmarking options to play with. Ghana, Moçambique, Kampuchea and Brunei join the Hattrick family, and Frisian and Luxembourg language versions are added.

Stamina is now trained as a percentage part of the total training, instead of being trained separately as all other skills. An economical reform in the beginning of the season, containing lowered salaries and building costs as well as increased sponsor income and ticket prices, is the first step to get the economy back on track. At the end of season a general price increase can be noticed on the transfer market, putting an end to many seasons of falling prices.

Season 34 (Nov 4 2007)

Over 75 000 users are online at the same time in January. Training becomes faster on low skill levels, but slower on high levels. Similarly, skill drops also start to depend on skill level and not only on age. A new match engine (with new player contributions and where stamina is equally important for all players) is being tested in friendly matches to further promote the use of multiskilled players.

The youth academies also get a lot of improvements; boosted player skills, increased training speed, fixed form and stamina levels, and better information from both trainer and scouts.

Hattrick News, the Hattrick news mail, is sent out for the first time. A Persian language version is released and Benin and Suriyah are the new leagues for this season.

35. tímabil (Feb 24 2008)

The new match engine is now in use for all matches. Training becomes minute based (earlier it only depended on last position played) and set pieces starts to work as all other player skills (earlier all players in the whole squad received set pieces training, and set pieces didn't affect the salary). Fans expectations – what the fans expect before each match – is released and immediately starts to play an important part in all managers' lives. The ticket price for places under roof is increased, and more such tickets are being sold in cloudy and rainy weather. Moreover, the home team in a derby starts to gain a small advantage which wasn't the case earlier seasons.

Match of the season, the Hattrick board game, starts to sell and the biggest football survey so far – Global Football Monitor – receives amazing 440 000 answers. Bosnian language version is introduced and Tanzania and Dawlat Qatar leagues are added.

At the end of the season you can start to test conditional substitutions in the youth academies.

Season 36 (June 15 2008)

Hattrick Press, our own user-submitted newspaper, is released, and the internal mail is improved with new functionality. Indirect set pieces become a reality in friendlies and the attack on wings tactic becomes more efficient thanks to a bug fix. Individual instruction makes it possible to exclude a player from skill training, but it's not possible to run both youth systems at the same time anymore.

Uganda and Dhivehi Raajje join the Hattrick world. The league filling for rookie teams are improved to stimulate human competition, rookie teams are not left "alone" as the only human in the series anymore. We also open up our test site Stage for 5000 normal Hattrick users, and we get our 45th language version when Furlan is released.

Season 37 (October 5 2008)

Hattrick's new design saw the light of day in mid December, without doubt the biggest change for a long time. With the new design we also got a bunch of new stuff, such as a brand new forum and new player faces for example. Supporters got a fantastic kit designer to play with, and could also choose a manager avatar.

As the new design was such a big change it almost makes you forget about the things happening before that release. But the addition of the friendly pool should not be forgotten, neither that users in the lowest divisions could start to invite a friend to their own series.

We also got a transfer search where you could search the whole transfer in one go, you didn't have to search zone by zone anymore. Indirect set pieces was added to the match engine, and on the pitch beltxis became the first team to win the Hattrick Masters twice.

Season 38 (January 25 2009)

This season conditional substitutions entered the game for real after having been tested in youth teams and friendlies for quite some time. We also got a new tactic to play with: Long shots.

On the transfer market a regulation is introduced to balance extreme usage of trading: you can't transfer list a player more times than he has played games for your team. A squad limit of 50 players is also introduced at the same time.

Our supporter package also got a big update, with the match preview page as the perhaps biggest new feature. Other things included in this update were transfer search profiles, creating your own shortcuts and last but not least: No traditional banners for Supporters.

Oh, and let's not forget Balls. On April 1st the Hattrick assistant Balls entered the game and claimed he was here to help. Balls was our first official April Fool's joke, and a much appreciated one.

Season 39 (May 17 2009)

The effect from team confidence gets lowered in the match engine, which generally made it easier for defenders and goalies to stop attacks. At the same time the match ratings got more accurate and the effect from confidence, confusion and pulling back became fully visible.

HT Live was heavily improved, and with the addition of Re-Live you are now able to get the live experience even if you can't be online at match time. Two new languages was also added, Vietnamese and Macedonian. The addition of the latter caused the real life naming dispute between Macedonia and Greece to carry over into Hattrick, and some weeks of heated discussions in these countries' forums followed.

Season 40 (Sep 7 2009)

Season 40 was a pretty calm season, with no changes to the game itself. But Hattrick gets its own long awaited Facebook app, and also a new fan page on Facebook. Achievements gets an update, together with a list of all available achievements. The small feature where managers can list their favorite teams sees the light of day.

Season 41 (Dec 28 2009)

Before this season started all bot teams from level six and below started to demote to the lowest divison at season’s end, and teams with active managers started taking their places to spice up the competition. The distribution of basic chances in the game engine is changed, making some chances exclusive for each team, to improve the balance and reduce the variance in the game. This also enabled a better handling of the counterattack and pressing tactics.

Maltese, our 50th language version is released, and so is our system information page which heavily improves our communication possibilities. The HFA welcomed a whole new generation of match reporters with a habit of being on time to the arenas, and at the end of the season the new order form is tested in the youth teams, and later on in senior friendlies.

Season 42 (April 19 2010)

For the first time ever we got a match engine which is not based on 4-4-2, the new engine can handle all formations without having to reposition players making it more straightforward to use. One of the other pros of the new engine was that inner midfielders were made less powerful than before.

The finance page got an update and became more detailed, and it also included season summaries. Supporters also got financial graphs, for better overview. Hattrick also started a partnership with the Italian iconic sports paper Gazzetta dello sport.

Season 43 (August 9 2010)

During this season Hattrick becomes a teenager, a truly amazing milestone. The biggest news for this season is faster training, on many skill levels much faster - but also slower on high levels. At the same time skill drops are also made more depending on skill and less depending on age. There are also some changes to staff; goalkeeping assistants are merged with assistant coaches, economists are removed and you can only have 30 staff member in total (and max 10 of each kind).

The match engine are given a better simulation of nervousness and underestimation, and special events are now distributed linearly according to ball possession. Club doctors are relieved to hear that new health findings put an end to longer injuries; when a player gets injured, +4 is now the longest the injury will be.

As if this wasn't enough we also get improved league fixtures, thanks to a member of the community (jimrtex). And speaking of the community; a beta of a forum search tool is released and the devs also open up their own blog to share their everyday life.

Season 44 (29 Nov 2010)

After many years, Hattrick at last gets its long awaited Arabic language version. The Supporter package gets updated with live and home/away tables, like buttons and comments on press announcements, and team photos. And pre-match commentaries are now open for everyone, and it's also possible to book a friendly through Facebook.

In the game the general (form) training type is removed.

Season 45 (21 March 2011)

A lot of things happened around Hattrick this season. The perhaps biggest change in Hattrick is the introduction of My Office, the new start page for all managers. Apart from that there was three big releases: Hattrick United (our blog portal), Hattrick Widgets (widgets ready to use on almost any site/blog) and Hattrick Open (where you can play Hattrick tournaments against your friends whenever you want).

Hattrick Supporter celebrates its 10th birthday with customizable manager avatars, linked press announcements, new backgrounds and improved transfer hotlist.

Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Cuba and Palestine are new members of the Hattrick family, and the Icelandic language version is released.

Season 46 (11 July 2011)

The match order form is improved with a rating predictor and a player's ideal position is highlighted. Newbies can start asking their coach for a lineup suggestion. Letting two players swap positions on the pitch also becomes possible.

All users get access to the basic training report. Supporters get an improved training report, including stamina and form updates. Graphs on arena usage and fan club development are new also new Supporter features, as well as the possiblity to submit match orders through CHPP apps.

47. tímabilið (31 október 2011)

Tryggð leikmanna sem hafa verið hjá liðinu til lengri tíma fær þá til að standa sig betur. Hattrick Gears vörurnar, eins og algjör yfirhalning þar sem senda má leikmenn í klippingu eða til lítalæknis, er kynnt til sögunnar. Við sendum í loftið nýja tölfræði sem er eitthvað í anda Hattrick Press fær eigið blogg á Hattrick United og á sama tíma geta bandalög opnað blogg eins vel.

Við erum himinlifandi að hafa verið valin 'the Most Favourite Simulation Game of 2011'! Eða á íslensku: Besti hermileikurinn árið 2011! Sinnar tegundar

48. tímabilið (20 febrúar 2012)

Þú getur boðið fleiri vinum í þína eigin deild ef þú spilar í tveimur neðstu deildunum. Í gegnum Hattrick Mótin færðu möguleikan til að spila gegn þeim sem þú vilt án þess að eiga á hættu að missa menn í meiðsli eða bönn sem gætu annars haft áhrif á reglulega leiki.

Við tókum stórt skref í sögu Hattrick þegar við gengum til liðs við Zattika, leikjaútgefanda sem fókusar á samskiptaleiki og farsímaleiki.

Búningar liða sjást nú í uppstillingunni og leikmenn sem hafa spilað frá síðustu þjálfunarskírslu eru merktir bláu. Ef það er ekki nóg, þá fór Hattrick iPhone appið okkar í loftið og nú er hægt að skrá sig inn í gegnum Facebook.

49. tímabilið (11. júní 2012)

Ráðningarmiðstöðin okkar gerir þér auðveldara að bjóða vinum í Hattrick. Í sambandi við Hattrick Press höfum við skipulagt rigerðarkeppni þar sem þú getur skrifað greinir um Hattrick ferilinn. Nýtt stjóraskírteini kom í staðinn fyrir það gamla hlaðið umbótum fyrir nýja stjóra.

Þar sem Hattrick sá dagsljósið í fyrsta sinn fyrir 15 árum, höldum við upp á það með því að færa ykkur miklu meiri upplýsingar um leikina þína á yfirliti. Einnig er þarna Afmælissíðan þar sem við deilum með ykkur flottum staðreyndum um fyrstu árin okkar.

Notendur snjallsíma geta núna notið Hattrick i gegnum Android appið okkar sem virkar eins og appið fyrir iPhone-símana.

50. tímabilið (1. október 2012)

Tölugröf hafa bætt við jafnvel enn meira virði við smáatriði leikja. Stakir leikir færa þér möguleikan að skora á hvaða lið sem er og spila jafnvel leiki utan dagskrár.

Supporter pakkinn okkar hefur verið gefinn meiriháttar uppfærsla meðal Áhugaverðra leikmanna, Klúbbs þemu og Liðsmerkis forrita. Einnig eru nokkrir Supporter fídusar nú fáanlegir handa öllum.

Hámarksboð opna möguleikan að stjórar geta legið sofandi á meðan síðasta forvöð er til að kaupa leikmanninn sem honum nauðsynlega vantar. Á tilboðsveggjum bjóðum við möguleikann til að eignast verðlaunapunkta til að fá Supporter og Credit án þess að þurfa að eyða raunverulegu féi.

51. Tímabilið (21. janúar 2013)

Nú er hægt að deila úrslitum liðsins á samskiptavefum. Þú getur sagt vinum þínum frá hetjulegum sigrum eða þá hitt.

Hattrick Supporter er ekki lengur seld sem ein stök vara, heldur er núna hægt að fá hana í þremur gerðum: Platínu, Gull og Silfri. Gjaldeyrisskildur verðmiði eftir landi svo notendur geti keypt Supporter á viðráðanlegu verði.

Margir héldu að ekki væri hægt að plata fólk betur eftir Apríl gabbið síðasta árs en þegar dómararnir voru kynntir til leiks, var litið á það sem góða tilraun. Nú geturðu líka eignast verðlaunapunkta með því að bjóða vinum þínum í Hatrick.

52. tímabilið (13 maí 2013)

Stigakeppni er aukakeppni á aðeins meiri hraða fyrir þá sem vilja meiri keppni, nýja áskorun eða vilja bara spila til skemmtunar. Azerbaíska varð 54. tungumálið í Hattrick. Reikningsstaða fer í loftið sem hluti af vinnu okkar að gera Hattrick að enn þægilegra vinnu umhverfi.

Vegna fjárhagsvandræða verður Zattika að selja Hattrick! Kaupendurnir eru reyndar fyrri eigendur Hattrick svo leikurinn rúllar áfram en því miður þurftum við að kveðja nokkra vel virta og þekkta félaga eins og HT-Klas and HT-Tjecken.

Tímabil 53 (2. september 2013)

Hattrick samfélagið hefur kosið í afmæliskosningunni og í kjölfar hennar verður gullna markið reglan ekki lengur við lýði og við megum þakka sömu kosningu að núna er hægt að skoða, breyta og eyða sjálfgildum uppstillingum.

Unglinaliðin fá ekki lengur vikufrí milli tímabila hjá aðalliðinu.

Tímabil 54 (23. desember 2013)

Nýtt þjálfunartæki fyrir Supporter hjálpar að áætla hve mikla þjálfun leikmenn þurfa til að ná árangri í ákveðinni þjálfun.

Með auknum stuðning við CHPP forritun sem varðar þriðja aðila, geta hönnuðir á þeim gert nýrri, flottari og áhugaverðari forrit sem áður var ekki möguleiki.

Í fyrsta skipti í sögu Hattrick spjallborðana geta aðilar sem ekki spila Hattrick skoðað spjallborðin. Við kynnum einnig þrep fyrir bandalög. Svo er möguleiki fyrir Supporter að sjá hvernig einkunnagjöf leikmanna þróast undir flipanum einkunnagjöf meðan á leik stendur.

Til að slá botninn á tímabilið, hefur fjárhagsjöfnuður verið tilkynntur til leiks. Hann á að sjá til þess að leikurinn verði jafnari meðal alþjóðlega Hattrick-deildakerfisins.

55. tímabilið (14. apríl 2014)

Loksins er nýja starfsmannakerfið orðið virkt, sem á að gera starfsmannaráðningar enn áhugaverðari og þýðingameiri.

Við höfum hresst upp á umspilskerfi neðri deildanna og umspilsleikjunum hefur verið fjölgað og þar með eru fleiri leikir sem skipta máli. Verðlaunaféð hefur einnig hækkað.

Nú er hægt að taka þátt í fleiri en einu móti í einu. Á augabragði er hægt að kalla fram meiðslasögu leikmanns. Tengslanetið gefur notendum fært að fylgjast með öllum þeim liðum og þjálfurum sem þau hafa áhuga á.

Með endurskírn leikmanna og leikjaviðburðum höfum við bætt við nokkrum nýjum vörum í Gears. Ef þetta var ekki nóg þá er byrjað að bjóða upp á æfingaleiki um helgar milli tímabila. Það mun vera leikur hverja helgi svo framalega sem þú manst að bóka æfingaleik.

Demantu er nýr Supporter pakki þar sem hægt er að nota allan varninginn okkar gjaldlaust. Auk þess fylgir endurspilsfítus þar sem hægt er að skoða hvernig leikurinn hefði spilast í tíu skipti í viðbót.

56. tímabilið (4. ágúst 2014)

Við endurhönnuðum bikarkerfið svo fleiri lið nytu góðs af alvöru keppni. Til viðbótar kom Deildabikar fyrir neðri deildir um leið og verðlaunafé jókst.

Bandarísk enska varð 55. tungumálið í Hattrick.

57. tímabilið (24. nóvember 2014)

Með ánægju kynnum við nýjan farsímavef og endurhönnuð iPhone og Android öpp sem við trúum að muni lyfta leikgleðinni fyrir hvern þann sem notar netið í símanum.

Supporter áskrifendur geta nú skipulagt sitt eigið Tengslanet. Opin mót færa stjórunum þann möguleika að vera með í fáanlegum mótum án þess að þurfa að bíða eftir boði.

58. tímabilið (16. Mars 2015)

Sjálfstraust mun héðan af vera fyrirsjáanlegra og meiriháttar hröp verða ekki eins tíð. Þjálfunarrefsingin fyrir að mæta ekki til leiks, hefur verið fjarlægð svo leikmennirnir sem spiluðu í vikunni, missa ekki þjálfun. Vítaspyrnukeppnir taka ekki 20 mínútur eins og áður, bara nokkrar mínútur núna.

Supporter áskrifendur geta nú ráðið gömlu stjörnurnar til að sinna ýmsum störfum fyrir félagið, eins og til dæmis að þjálfa 2. flokk, finna efnilega drengi, sérfræðistörf eða jafnvel dómarastörf. Vegna eftirspurnar höfum við bætt í öppin okkar félagslega þættinum þar sem fólk getur vafrað, lesið og auðvitað skrifað á Hattrick spjallsvæðið sem og að vinna með HT-póstinn.

Yfir árin höfum við séð nokkur framtök frá notendum okkar sem hjálpa nýliðum að læra á Hattrick og hvernig þarf að spila það. Við bjóðum einnig upp á stuðning til að gera kennsluna auðveldari og vonandi verða nýliðarnir jafn "hooked" á leiknum og við.

Einkamót fyrir Supporter áskrifendur verður á milli leiktíða. Það verður stærra í sniðunum en venjuleg mót og algjörlega alþjóðlegt. Stútfullt af verðlaunum fyrir alla þátttakendur, út alla keppnina.

59. tímabilið (6. Júlí 2015)

Nú verðu auðveldara að skilgreina leiki þar sem statík á öllum stöðum vallarins verður skilgreind eftir leikinn. Uppstillingarhernir verður að staðreynd en það er nokkurskonar leikskipunartengill sem hægt er að fikta í en kemur ekki við neinn leik.

Á 18 ára afmælinu okkar gáfum við úr launastatík fyrir alla leikmenn og statík fyrir öll mörkin sem hver leikmaður heufr skorað fyrir félagið. Nú er einnig hægt að taka þátt í mótum fyrir 32 og 64 lið.

Með stolti kynnum við 56. tungumálið sem er indónesíska. Spjallkerfið okkar er komið út í snjallsímaöppum. Nú má spjalla við stjóra í sömu riðlum, andstæðing næsta leiks eða innan bandalags, opnu öllum meðlimum.

60. tímabilið (26. október 2015)

Starfsmannakerfið fær uppfærslu og héðan í frá fær starfsfólk félagsins, samning. Hægt er að ráða taktískan aðstoðarmann en talsmaðurinn er horinn af braut.

Við kvöddum HT-tímann og nú er hægt að velja sitt eigið tímabelti og auðveldlega hægt að finna út hvenær leikirnir fara fram, hvar sem þeir fara fram.

61. tímabilið (15. febrúar 2016)

Við sýnum hæfni sem er ofar guðdómlegri. Menntakerfið er orðið betra svo upplifunin verður meiri fyrir kennara og nemendur.

62. tímabilið (6. júní 2016)

Með því að kynna nýja Beina Textalýsingu verður leikurinn spennandi og líflegri þegar fylgst er með viðureignum. Einnig bættum við inn, áhugaverðri statík á meðan leik stendur. Dómarinn bætir við uppbótarmínútum og nú er hægt að spjalla yfir leiknum.

Með tólinu Sundurliðun Liða má skilgreina fyrri leiki næstu andstæðinga.

63. tímabilið (26. september 2016)

Skilgreining liða er tól sem fær heilmikla uppfærslu og nú er hægt að skilgreina eigið lið og einnig leikmenn ef þú ert Supporter. Endurspilun leiks er einnig fáanleg þeim sem eru ekki Supporter en fyrir nokkur Credit þó.

Vafratilkynningar koma að góðu fyrir þá sem eru að gera eitthvað annað en vilja ekki missa af neinu sem gerist í leikjunum þeirra. Síður Landsdeilda fá uppfærslu og sýna áhugaverðar stöður og ríkjandi landsmeistara og bikarmeistara.

Margar viðbætur fyrir stjóra sem hafa 2. flokks lið, eins og þjálfunarárangur sem kemur strax í ljós og útsendararnir koma ekki með 17 ára gutta. Ekkert unglingasetur? Þá standa 19 ára leikmenn ekki lengur til boða.

64. tímabilið (16. janúar 2017)

Alþjóðlegt Hattrick færir þér möguleikann að keppa við aðra stjóra úr öllum heiminum. Hvað sem meira er frá því að þetta er algjörlega ný deild, verður það áhugavert að sjá hver verður fyrstur stjóra til að tróna á toppnum að 6 tímabilum liðnum.

Meiðsli eru núna skilgreindari þar sem þau eiga sér ákveðna staði á líkamanum. Áætlaður batatími er nákvæmari. Staka leiki er hægt að skilgreina og fleiri bætingum hefur verið bætt við tólin í Sundurliðun liða.

Úrslit úr kosningar Platínu og Demants áskriftarhafa okkar eru þau að þegar leikmenn í 2. flokki eru tilbúnir í Meistaraflokkinn, hefur ritarinn samband við stjórann.

65. tímabilið (8. maí 2017)

Við höfum eflt spjallkerfið okkar og nú er auðveldara að finna, rifja upp og stökkva inn í umræður á milli leikdaga.

Ný síða fyrir leikskipanir fer í loftið og ásjón hennar fær nýja hönnun. Fullt af fítusum er bætt við og nú sitja 7 menn á bekknum. Það er líka hægara að undirbúa uppstillinguna.

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